Healthy Leadership

I was pleased to be included in the Brunswick Review resilience issue, co-authoring a piece with Brunswick’s Karolina Karr. Our piece stands alongside profiles of Mark Pollock, a blind paraplegic who has won the confidence of scientists and investors in his search for a cure, Karl Rove, Mohammed Dewji, and actor Matt Damon and Gary White, co-founders of, and other notables.

Alongside these stories of resilience is our insight into corporate wellbeing:

“Company-sponsored wellness and awareness programs—yoga classes, meditation apps and health savings accounts—are helpful, but they’re not enough. Workplace culture has to support wellbeing. If an employee works for a toxic manager, is expected to wade through 200-plus daily emails in addition to their work, or feels ashamed to tell anyone about their deteriorating mental health, their well-being declines. It becomes harder to bounce back. In that environment, encouraging employee responsibility for well-being is a message that is likely to ring hollow.”

Visit Brunswick Group to read the full article or click here to download the pdf.