Bright Sparks of Wellbeing

We create experiences.  Learning experiences.  For leading corporations, workplaces, teams, groups and individuals.  Because we believe that no one should sacrifice wellbeing for performance.  We can live happy, healthy, stress-free lives and do work we love.  We can get great work out of great teams by treating people with respect and compassion.

We train leaders, redesign workplaces, and help people find their true potential. We work with teams to improve trust, connection and performance.  We do it all through unique workshops, retreats, and advisory services.



About 15Be

We partner with bold organizations who value their people as much as performance. Our corporate solutions include wellbeing and leadership workshops, team interventions and workplace consulting — and the WELLTEAM Leadership Certification, to fill that missing link in your wellness strategy. Individuals connect with us at Be Camp to recharge and reconnect. 

We have a strong reputation and a wealth of experience in talent best practices, including expertise in team wellbeing, flexible work, change management, and communication. Our proven track record includes projects for nearly 20% of the Working Mother ‘Best’ list.


15Be Workshops


Businesses succeed when they bring humanity to the employee experience. 15Be supports organizations with wellbeing and engagement goals. Grow your capacity by reminding people how to connect and contribute to a place where everyone thrives. Workshops focus on the practical, not theoretical, and are customized to your environment.

15Be Camp

Time for you.
Make it count.

We believe in downtime. Camp is a place to venture forth into nature. To breath. To rest, reconnect, and renew. This is not a hard-core weekend of self-analysis and cathartic cleansing. (Frankly, that sounds exhausting.) Here, you’ll find a place to slow down and reclaim your sense of wellbeing.



Fact No. 153
An estimated 74% of companies actually want employees to succeed. Okay, we made that up. But if you’re among the people-first companies that want employees to be their best, you want WELLTEAM certification. It’s training for the practical skills managers need to support employee wellbeing. (Based on actual research.)