Skills That Matter

Everyday leadership. That’s what we call soft skills—those critical people skills we all need to be better team members and collaborators. These are the make-or-break behaviors that turn okay managers into great leaders, and individual contributors into engaged, passionate employees.

15Be wellbeing workshops and webinars are sharp, highly interactive, and full of science-backed tools and strategies. We deliver memorable learning experiences with lasting impact.

The catalog below contains some of our most popular programs:


Priority Management

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What do you do when there’s too much to do?  Most of us do more. Overwork causes burnout and disengagement, and that’s not good for anybody. In this workshop, we challenge our assumptions that lead to overwork, explore ways to prioritize work, and learn to manage up/down/across. In the end, we create space to do work that is most essential.

Difficult Conversations

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Conversations are a powerful tool – both in business and in life. But so many things can hold us back from engaging with others and saying what needs to be said. In this workshop, leaders learn how to increase their confidence and competence when it comes to having difficult conversations. Through self-reflection and group interaction, they learn to engage in challenging conversations in an emotionally responsible, intelligent way.

Performance Management

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Doesn’t everyone know how to manage for performance?  You’d think so, but it’s one of the areas in most need of attention in today’s organizations. Setting expectations and holding people accountable are two of the most critical management skills we cover in this workshop. We’ll also discuss strategies to manage, monitor, and improve performance. This workshop offers a quick way to provide support when your leadership training budget doesn’t go far enough or when middle managers are in need of a tune-up.

Enhance Confidence and Leadership Presence

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This workshop invites participants to inventory their presence, gravitas, and communication behaviors to see themselves through others’ eyes. Leaders benefit from rethinking their personal brand and how they show up. We explore confidence and the role regular feedback plays in establishing an authentic professional brand. Attendees walk away with a new perspective, ready to make small adjustments and take on a “confidence challenge” to apply learnings immediately.

Giving Feedback

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Ongoing feedback is critical for productivity and employee engagement. Yet managers may shy away from these conversations due to a lack of time or skill. In this workshop, attendees learn to identify models and feedback styles. They practice having feedback conversations--giving and receiving feedback in the process. They learn how to manage the nuances of providing feedback to direct reports, peers, and their leaders, and they leave with tools to help them start these critical conversations.

Manage Remote and Flex Teams

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Wishing the world wasn’t changing?  You’re not alone. For many leaders, it was easier to manage by walking around. It’s hard to imagine how their virtual team can ever be as effective. In this workshop, leaders learn tactical ways to establish and maintain a virtual team. Participants get turnkey, practical advice for improving communication, collaboration, connection, and trust. They’ll also learn simple ways to set expectations, hold people accountable, and improve virtual team performance.

Build Trust

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Trust is the cornerstone to building a culture where everyone feels valued and works to their full potential. In this workshop, we take a simple approach to a broad topic. Participants explore the ways in which trust is built and maintained. They analyze their own contributions to building a culture of trust and commit to changes that would improve trust with co-workers and clients.

Develop Others through Coaching

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Leaders must embrace their role as coach, not only with direct reports, but with peers and leaders. This workshop helps participants see the value of coaching, especially in today’s workplace where anything but quick instruction can feel like a luxury. They learn the GROW coaching model and practice with their peers. Participants explore ways to adapt coaching to their own management style and how to apply coaching principles to various interactions.

Lead through Change

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Change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In this interactive workshop, managers will explore their change management skills, increase their knowledge of change management best practices, and increase their comfort level with managing and working through change. (You define the emphasis: changing workforce practices and wellbeing approaches, workforce structuring, relocation, mergers, etc.)

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