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Take the stairs! Park farther away from the door! (Cue eye rolls and surreptitious scrolling through phones.) Some wellbeing workshops can be a bit dry and over-reliant on the same old tropes. We promise not to go there.

15Be wellbeing workshops and webinars are sharp, highly interactive, and full of science-backed tools and strategies that people can use in their daily life. We focus on real-world advice that’s both practical and innovative. Wellbeing hacks, if you will. With effect.

The catalog below contains some of our most popular programs:



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Are you focusing on the things you value most? In this hurried world, it’s easy to spend energy on the things that need to get done, instead of the things we want to do. In this workshop, participants explore their priorities and then learn to engage those values with greater intention. Participants leave with a clear path to cultivate happiness and be more present in their daily lives.

Boundary Setting

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The idea of boundary setting can be a provocative one in the workplace. It’s not about encouraging people to say “no.” Instead, participants get in touch with opportunities for deeper respect, understanding, and efficiency both in and out of the workplace. By encouraging employees to set boundaries with clients, peers, direct reports, and even leaders, workplaces become more transparent and authentic. Employees learn to propose solutions that have positive personal and professional outcomes.

Energy Management

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Did your get-up-and-go get stuck? In this session, we explore strategies to improve energy. Participants consider the requirements of their jobs to identify energizers, de-energizers, and recovery opportunities. We explain nine simple choices anyone can make throughout their day to improve energy, engagement, and happiness. Participants leave with lots of fun, easy, life hacks and a simple action plan.

Stress Management and Resilience

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Learn simple things you can do to be less vulnerable to stress. This workshop helps participants build resilience through mind body principles and a self-care approach. They learn how small changes to the way we eat, sleep, and move can have a big impact. We examine the health benefits of compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness, and practice them in the session. Participants leave with practical, proven tips to buffer daily stress and elicit a calmer response to pressure.

Sleep well, live better

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Imagine what you could do with a good night’s sleep. Since sleep is the most important factor to our wellbeing, we need to learn to do it well. In this workshop, participants learn the science of sleep and strategies to help improve sleep quality and quantity. Learn how sleep impacts your mood and productivity and how to increase the amount of sleep you get over time. Find out how getting a great night’s sleep starts in the middle of the workday and continues until you turn out the light.

Silence, Stillness and Meditation

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Practicing silence enhances creativity, productivity, and the quality of your relationships at work. But how can you slow down enough to try it? This workshop empowers you to build peace and quiet in your life. We’ll share 10 cool ways to meditate, easy techniques for quieting your brain, and simple ways to find silence in your work day. Participants learn the value of silence, get a chance to practice, and leave knowing exactly what they’d like to try next.

Leadership Legacy

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What do you want to be remembered for after you retire? In this workshop, we help attendees examine their core values and leadership strengths. We challenge them to think beyond the day-to-day to the legacy they want to leave for those they’ve led. They look past standard definitions of leadership to their role in sustainability, inclusion, wellbeing, and creating a more human workplace. Participants write a legacy statement to drive their leadership decisions ongoing.

The Secret Ingredient of Success: Grit

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How do we achieve challenging pursuits in the face of obstacles? Through grit. In this workshop, based on emerging psychological research, we show participants how to hone skills like endurance, resilience, persistence, motivation, and mindset. We help leaders develop these skills in their team, improving performance and wellbeing. This is a must-attend workshop for anyone who wants to achieve something difficult for which they have a passion.

Own your Career by Embracing Wellbeing

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Employee wellbeing is a critical factor in business performance. We demonstrate the link between wellbeing and business outcomes and deliver practical advice to help participants shift their behaviors. Leaders learn tools to impact team wellbeing, and employees learn how to prioritize and communicate their needs. This workshop will change the way your people think about work and help them develop their own, unique, science-backed ways to develop personal resilience.

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