Create a Place Where People Love Their Work

Make your workplace more productive, fulfilling, and enjoyable. We help you get there with workshops that inspire everyday leadership and meaningful behavior shifts.

We provide a unique experience with lasting impact. Training is customized to match your needs while integrating mindfulness, wellbeing, and connection.

Our workshops focus on the practical, not theoretical. We excel at taking complex and intangible concepts and breaking them down, so they are simple to understand and act on.

Kyra has the rare gift to connect with audiences of all ages, instantaneously. She completely custom-tailored a workshop to our ‘unconventional’ culture that resonated with each and every one of our employees. Her candor and relatability made her workshop a home run!
— Liz Khoshaba, Red Frog Events


Why Work With Us

Custom Designed for Your Work Environment

Everything we deliver is customized to your needs, your culture, and your “language.” We don’t sell you an out-of-the-box training program. That’s lame. We tailor our workshops toward leaders, individual contributors, or combined workshops for both. 

Build an Experience

Mix and match workshop topics. Talk to us about half and full-day workshops or team retreats. Choose from live or virtual events. Add on pre- or post-event activities. Tell us what’s important to you, and we’ll build an experience your participants will love.

We Model the Way

We offer our clients an intense level of personal service designed to show what amazing relationships and work environments look like. Our clients say we are a joy to work with. We make it simple for you, from a no hassle personalization process to simple pricing models and flawless delivery. Reach out and experience 15Be.

Kyra’s workshop was by far the best Wellness Event we have had so far! It definitely has made the most and lasting impact on staff; colleagues are still talking about actions they are taking.
— Director of Workplace Wellness, M&J Wilkow


Dual Learning Paths

15Be Wellbeing Workshop

We introduce proven principles of wellbeing, making it digestible and fun for a corporate, right-brained crowd. Geared toward leaders and individual contributors alike, we talk about how to take care of yourself and your employees so that business and people thrive.

15Be Everyday Leading Workshops

“Soft skills.” That’s how learning professionals categorize all the non-technical training that everyone needs, but companies don’t always invest in. These are the make-or-break behaviors that turn okay leaders into great leaders, and individual contributors into engaged, passionate employees.


[Attendees] unanimously requested that Kyra come back to facilitate another workshop. The feedback has been excellent.
— Martha Trott, DeLaval

Let’s Talk

Kyra has presented at corporations, conferences, and association events (of all sizes), spreading passion and inspiration for new ways of working. She delivers the spark that helps people reconnect and find fresh meaning in what they do. She is passionate that when people are allowed to BE just as much as they are encouraged to DO, performance accelerates, and joy abounds.

Speaking engagements are tailored to your audience. Attendees gain new insight as well as practical tools to put the principles to use when they head back home.


Audiences Include


Corporate Teams

HR and Inclusion Professionals

Women’s Resource Groups

High Potential Talent

C-Level Executives


National Meetings

Corporate Training Academies

Team Retreats



What We Speak About

Resilience/Stress Management

Confidence/Leadership Presence

Optimizing Your Energy

Owning Your Career

Silence and Mindfulness

Leadership Legacy


In this video, our founder Kyra Cavanaugh, explains how to manage your stress with a technique or activity called "Accept It or Change It." We all have a list of stressors in our life and we can get paralyzed or stuck trying to either accept them or change them.


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