Less Me and More We

Sometimes your challenge goes beyond training leaders or employees to think differently. Sometimes working with the team (or entire company) is the best approach. We’ve helped teams reconnect with a leader’s vision, build deeper connections with each other, and rethink how they work together. We can help you, too.

Give Your Team Some TLC

Building a Better “Me” Experience

Maybe your team has been pushing hard for years. Maybe you had a good year and you want to reward them with a new experience. Or, maybe your wellness approaches just aren’t getting the team energized in the ways you dream of.

We can help.

15Be offers distinctive team experiences. We specialize in corporate wellbeing retreats that connect your team members with a more sustainable approach to health and wellness. We motivate and engage them in a fun, interactive day (or half-day) to help them reconnect with themselves and each other.

Help your team learn new ways to manage their workload, cover less, and gain skills to improve their wellbeing and the wellbeing of the whole team. Topics can include:

  • Energy and resilience

  • Compassion, gratitude and empathy

  • Workload management

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Authentic communication and connection

Team members leave a 15Be retreat with a renewed sense of self and fresh perspective. They feel more awake, connected, and empowered to help each other prioritize the things that matter most. Teams come back to work energized and excited. They’re grounded and more connected to each other and their work.

For Those “Here we go…” Moments

Team Tune-up

Imagine you hurt yourself. Instead of going to the doctor, you work through the pain. You limp by or figure out a workaround. You hope the problem will clear up on its own. And, over time, you just get used to being uncomfortable.

That’s what team conflict is like.

No one ever gets comfortable with the drama and dysfunction. But they learn to tolerate it. They put their heads down and figure out a way to get by.

But change is possible. Sometimes it just takes a little outside help to rekindle the flame.

Learn how to transform tension and turn that conflict into constructive interactions. Engage us when…

·      Trust and empathy are in short supply

·      Team members don’t (or won’t) understand each other’s perspective

·      There’s a culture of disrespect and fear

·      Blame is high and accountability is low

If your team struggles with issues of accountability, trust, delegation, communication, prioritization, etc., help them move forward. We’ll be your guide. With skilled intervention, your team can find its way to greater connection.

Team interventions are completely customized to your group. Activities, workshops, coaching, and guided conversations address topics like:

·      Identifying gaps, edges, and team toxins

·      Team alliances and alignment

·      Values and norms

·      Trust and courage building

·      Having difficult conversations

·      Giving/taking productive feedback

The entire day was AMAZING!!!
— Retreat participant, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
We continue to get very positive, uplifting feedback from employees.
— HR Specialist, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty


Work Differently

Workplace Consulting

If you’re like a lot of talent leaders, you have employee engagement data screaming for attention. You know your organization needs to update the way it works. And you have plenty of information about how to do that. In fact, you’re drowning in how-to guides and policy samples.

Flexible, virtual, and open plan work is totally achievable. It doesn’t matter how place-based your work is or how much connection matters.

To get ready, you can start by pulling a policy off the internet, but training your teams (and leaders) to work and lead in these new environments is another thing entirely.

That’s where we come in. We provide smart strategies, change management approaches, best practices and a whole lot of experience with what works and what doesn’t—helping you get farther faster.

We get straight to execution (no analysis paralysis here). We help you cut through the noise and confusion and find a way through the barriers. We work with you to develop and execute a realistic, human-centered action plan that gets results, if you’re:

  • Introducing flexible, remote, open plan work
    If you aren’t already offering remote work or flexible work options, we’ll help you do that—with less stress, conflict, and frustration. And if you’re just moving to an open floor plan, we’ll help your folks make the transition.

  • Changing culture
    If you already have flexible work policies but managers aren’t supportive and people don’t feel safe working flexibly, we can help win over hearts and minds. Starting that cultural shift is critical. Because people get especially dissatisfied when the organization says one thing, but actually does another.

  • Extending flex to production and service teams
    If corporate leaders already value flexible work, we can help extend the benefits to hourly team members—even the ones who need to be on-site and on-time. There are many opportunities to offer front-line staff more control over their schedules and reduce call-outs in the process.

  • Connecting flex to wellbeing
    If your wellness program isn’t getting the results you want, we help you take an honest look at your work culture. All the Fitbits and meditation programs in the world won’t make a difference if people don’t have the energy and opportunity to use them.

Kyra brought a breadth and depth of workforce knowledge to our collaboration on flexible work that enabled me to be confident, focused, and free to do my best work. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in a consultant partnership? Added to her command of workforce and D&I trends were adaptability, perspective, and an unshakable sense of humor and fun.
— Andrew Eddins, VP HR Communications, New York Life Insurance Company