We are passionate about team and individual wellbeing. After years of research and experience helping companies improve their workplace culture, we know that a focus on wellbeing boosts productivity for companies and joy for individuals.

Here we share our latest ideas and inspiration to help people live well, work well, and be their best selves.

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100 Ways to Wellbeing in Ten Minutes or Less
100 Ways to Wellbeing is a fresh set of effective tips to improve resilience, mood, and energy. Greater wellbeing is within reach, just a few minutes at a time.

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Who Works Where [And Who Cares?]
This practical, hands-on book shows managers how to boost collaboration and performance even when their teams don’t work together in the same time or space.

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10 Habits to Maintain a Positive Mindset

What you look for is what you find. It’s all about perspective. Our ebook, 10 Habits to Maintain a Positive Mindset, is all about what you find when you change your expectations.


Team Building for Virtual and Flexible Teams

Build camaraderie and connection among remote employees. These tips will help your remote team build group relationships, keep the lines of communication open, and help ensure everyone works well together.

White Papers


Leadership Matters: How Handling Stress Makes You a Better Leader

Stressed leaders create disengaged employees. Get the research and find out how to foster resilient leaders. 


Leadership Matters: Leading an Intergenerational Workforce

This is not your same old generational leadership report. Heck no! Leadership isn’t all ‘how to manage young professionals’ anymore, and it’s certainly not linear. We shifted the conversation to find out what each generation values most in a leader and what they want when their leader is older, or younger, than they are. Get the full scoop here. 


Leadership Matters: Measuring Team Wellbeing

Organizations are shifting their focus from individual to team performance. Yet, when it comes to wellbeing, we’re still targeting our efforts at individual choices. 15Be research explores team wellbeing and how it contributes to organizational goals.


Toxic Leadership: Detoxifying your Culture and Encouraging More Mindful Leadership

Toxic leaders represent the dark side of leadership. They damage individuals and organizations and erode your ability to create positive cultural change. Find out where toxic leaders thrive, what kind of damage they cause, and how to uncover toxicity in your own organization.