Wellbeing Drives Performance

All of the meditation apps and yoga classes in the world will not make up for an unhealthy work environment. 

Putting fruit in the break room and inviting in natural light doesn’t make the workplace healthy if managers and work remain unchanged. 


To ensure wellbeing in the workplace, managers must change the way they manage, and teams must change the way they work.

Team wellbeing is the missing piece in your wellbeing goals.

Consider this age old phrase: People don’t leave the business, they leave their manager.

Now, a new burning question: How are you teaching managers to value both people AND performance? What are you doing so managers take care of both themselves AND their team? So that your workplace wellbeing efforts stick? And employees don’t leave?

If your answer is nothing, then you need to focus on team wellbeing. We have the program you need. It’s easy to implement, cost effective, and— most importantly—moves the needle for employee retention and team productivity.


Introducing WELLTEAM Leadership Certification™

The WELLTEAM Certification™ course combines online learning, coaching and a 3-day intensive to teach managers at all levels how to lead a high performance team by caring for their wellbeing.

Built (and priced) to scale, it’s the perfect complement to the individual wellbeing investments you’re already making.

The course is based on the four-part WELLTEAM™ model:


There are four critical roles every manager must play in supporting and enhancing team wellbeing. With a dual focus on themselves as leaders and their team, they must: 

Create safety: This learning module trains managers to create a team that promotes the safety and inclusion of all team members. Topics include: belonging, honesty, open dialogue, respect and compassion.

Manage energy: Leaders learn how to manage personal energy and team energy to promote wellbeing and productivity. Topics include: boundary setting, gratitude, social connection, mindfulness, team energy practices, and self-care.

Promote mastery: Team wellbeing improves when individuals feel connected to the mission and purpose of their work, when leadership promotes autonomy and interdependence, and when teams can work in ways that support management of both work and life outside of work. Leaders learn to promote mastery in these ways as well as through coaching, stress management and resilience.

Optimize performance: This module answers the question of how to promote wellbeing without sacrificing performance. Workload and performance management, accountability, recognition, feedback and difficult conversations are among the topics covered.


Add WELLTEAM Certification™ to your leadership development approach


Most companies that are dedicated to leadership development offer some combination of: new supervisor/manager training, a program to prepare high potentials for leadership (often cohort specific), and senior leadership development. You may even be spending millions on high-priced senior leadership wellness offsite training.

But what are you currently offering for the managers who need soft skills and wellbeing skills to up their game? This is the key to enhanced productivity and retention. Your organization needs this.

WELLTEAM Certification™ is the scalable, online learning course that does both. Developed by a corporate consultant, trainer and facilitator who’s transformed the workplace of 100’s of companies and trained 1000’s of leaders, this course combines the latest trends in workplace wellbeing, ancient energy approaches, and simple, pragmatic strategies for managing today’s workforce.


  • Video instruction
  • Assessments
  • Team challenges
  • Coaching
  • 3-day Be Camp

You’ll also get:

  • Bonus videos
  • Monthly webinars
  • Private online group
  • Certificate and email badge

In this course, managers:

  • Learn through video instruction

  • Use a workbook to journal and track their progress

  • Begin with assessments that provide insight and help them set learning goals

  • Work continuously with a coach to intensify the learning process

  • Apply learning through team challenges

  • Cap off the experience with a 3-day intensive Be Camp experience.

Bonus value:

  • Access to course materials after graduation so they can revisit key lessons

  • Private online group for learners and alums

  • Monthly webinars where they’ll meet other learners (and alums)

  • Ongoing access to library of bonus videos to deepen their learning 

This investment pays for itself many times over

As a certified WELLTEAM™ leader, your managers will not only change their behavior, they’ll change the way their team members show up, interact and get work done. 

The result?

  • Happier, more productive, less stressed managers and teams

  • More team alignment, connection and orientation around a common purpose

  • Ability to attract better talent (internal and external) and outperform their peers

  • Learned skills that apply to any job at any level throughout their careers

  • Skills that apply to life outside of work, too, improving not only the lives of your team members, but of their family, friends and community

  • Greater productivity with less effort

  • Enhanced manager ‘brand’ with professional credentials

  • Course-completion certificate and a WELLTEAM Leadership Certification™ email badge 

Once the number of managers in your organization reaches critical mass, you’ll automatically be certified as a WELLTEAM™ certified company. Use this certification in employer branding and talent acquisition activities to get better talent faster.

I want to bring this to my organization

To get started:

Open enrollment: enroll your managers in the course and they’ll join managers from other organizations at the 3-day Be Camp intensive.


Company-specific: enroll 15 or more leaders and we’ll deliver a company-specific 3-day Be Camp intensive. 

Scaling is easy:

As you enroll more leaders, we’ll continue to offer company-specific Be Camps.


You can do it yourself. Get certified as a WELLTEAM™ corporate trainer and deliver the 3-day Be Camp intensive yourself. Your in-house coaches can get WELLTEAM™ certified, too.