We Spark Connection

Human connection has the power to transform. It’s what 15Be is all about: We help people connect to themselves, grow through relationships, and give meaning to work. When we do that, we enable individuals and organizations to succeed.

Behind the Name

Be is at the root of wellbeing and at the heart of who we are as an organization. It’s an invitation. A fundamental calling to be present, here and now—to set aside the constant action and the worry about should do, and have to, and what’s next.

We anchor Be to 15, the atomic number for phosphorus, a glowing, incendiary mineral found in every cell of the human body. Another name for the Morning Star, phosphorus derives from the Greek for bringer of light.

We all have a light that shines inside of us, drives us, and defines who we are. Every day at 15Be, we come together with the intention to be present and mindful, to shine a light for others, and to be a spark for each person we touch.

For every manager we train, and every individual in our learning experiences, we want to fuel their light so it can glow, shining ever brighter.

Our Philosophy

As professionals, we give up a large portion of ourselves (who we are and what matters to us) in order to make a living. But the better we get at reclaiming those intentions, the greater happiness we find in our daily lives.

Many employers still think they’ll get the most productivity out of working people really, really hard. That might have worked for a while, like during the recession when there weren’t many jobs and people needed to stay in the ones they had. But that was 10 years ago. Too many employers and employees still think they have to work that way. Not so.

We believe fulfillment and meaning should not be optional. These are fundamental for wellbeing. And science has proven that wellbeing is paramount. It’s the game changer for personal happiness AND organizational performance.

We can help with the skills your team needs to collaborate and perform. And what we’re really passionate about is helping people learn to be. (Sell it to your leaders as emotional intelligence; they like the latest buzz-words.) At the core, we help people reconnect with what it means to be human, to be real. That got hard somewhere along the way. We make it easy.


Meet the luminary behind 15Be, a visionary leader inspired by a single-minded focus: to make a positive, meaningful change in how people work.