Meet Kyra Cavanaugh


For the past twelve years, Kyra has helped leaders and professionals boldly rethink work and their relationship with work. Whether as a facilitator or consultant, she has redefined leadership, redesigned culture, and provided practical advice to improve people’s lives at work and at home. She is passionate about fostering strong relationships – with our co-workers, ourselves, and our families – as the key to achieving an amazing life.

In 2007, Kyra founded Life Meets Work, a workforce consulting business. She successfully grew that business into a multi-million dollar organization by improving the workplace of many Fortune 1000 companies and training thousands of leaders. Life Meets Work was purchased by Talking Talent in 2018.

As the author of Who Works Where [and Who Cares?] and the co-author of 100 Tips for Wellbeing in 10 Minutes or Less, Kyra emphasizes the practical over the theoretical, the importance of people AND profits, and the necessity of focusing on wellbeing to enhance performance.

A certified meditation and healing guide, Kyra is studying to become a Tao master and associate instructor of qigong. She incorporates this energy work into wellbeing workshops and Be Camps in fun ways that engage people and have a positive impact on group dynamics.

There’s more to life than our to-do list.  We know that in theory, but how many of us really live it?  I help leaders manage their teams so that the work they do AND the lives they lead matter to the same degree. 

I want to cure the crisis of overwork and disconnection that makes people feel out of touch and unhappy.  I want to teach people to live the mantra – ‘Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.’
— Kyra Cavanaugh, President and Founder, 15Be