Intentions for 2019


Like many of you, I have big plans for 2019. It will be a year of hard work, rich experiences, connection with my family, and building this new business venture. As I review my plans and dreams, I think about the mindset I want to cultivate.

Whatever dreams you have, find the path that works for you. Find your way to success by being open to life shifts. Whether you’re taking sidesteps, backroads, or steep mountain paths, it’s all growth and change.

Here are the intentions I’m taking with me this year:

Follow the breadcrumbs

When you feel yourself at a crossroads, look around you. There are options right in front of you that you may not be aware of. Expand your view of what’s possible beyond what you see. It will help you see the breadcrumbs the universe has left you to find another path.

Stop chasing

It’s easier to push, work hard and think it’s going to land us the thing we want. If we just put in a few more hours or build a more convincing argument, we’ll be successful. But that obscures the reality that it’s not always up to you. There are other people with other agendas and other outcomes that may be preferable to the one we’re attached to.


Often the hardest thing to do is to let go. But it leads to peace and happiness. Trust that the universe is holding you. Let go of your plans and let the plan reveal itself to you. Stop talking so much and listen. It creates space for people around you to help. You can tap into your intuition and feel the next step.

Let yourself be misunderstood

As long as we attach ourselves to others’ perceptions of ourselves, we spend energy trying to get them to see us in a favorable light. That takes energy and doesn’t always work. Instead be yourself. As long as you come into every relationship bringing good intention, it doesn’t matter if someone likes you. Your intention will be revealed eventually. And they still may not care. But you have yourself and your integrity always.

Sit in your grief

Feelings are just feelings. Spending energy wishing them away is energy that could be spent saying goodbye, letting go and being compassionate, especially to yourself. Sit in the gap of what was and what will be. Get comfortable, pour yourself a cup of tea. It may be a while. But one day, the grief will subtly shift to respect, appreciation and sincere gratitude. Healing.

Be embodied

To be embodied is to have physical and emotional experiences that are unique to being human. To being in a body. What do you love to do most with your body? What feels amazing? Try new things—climb mountains, dance with your energy, watch a sunrise, hold a new baby. We are mystical beings in a human body. Realizing what a true gift that is, we can take full advantage of the sensations of being human.