Energy Class (free Spark Session webinar)

Our modern world is engineered to keep us sitting down. At work. On your commute. Managing household matters. Add in a bit of TV or reading and you’ve got a full day, end-to-end, of sitting.

Get this: A daily workout won’t balance out the negative impact of sitting. Simple, everyday movement can do more to prevent pain and illness.

Our bodies need to keep moving to stay healthy—to stay energized.

Join my FREE ✨Spark Session✨ and get an intro to energy work for busy, working professionals. Register here.

We’ll talk about using energy work at your desk to shift your work habits and…

  • Alleviate back and shoulder strain

  • Reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm

  • Improve mental focus

  • Wake up your brain for creativity and productivity

We’ll move, too!

This gentle energy practice is designed for limited spaces, like a cubicle at work. We’ll show you how to improve the body’s circulation in short, easy sessions. The takeaway: renewed energy so you can get back to work effectively, with renewed clarity and focus. 

You might be ready for energy work if:

You’re seeking a new way to combat stress

You’re bored with yoga

You want to build muscle tone without breaking a sweat

You want some easy, stimulant-free ways to wake up your brain during the workday

It’s happening Thursday night, August 1

We’re going to be doing this energy work together. So, wear comfy clothes, find a quiet space, and clear your calendar for an hour.

Thursday, August 1, 2019 | 8:00-9:00 pm

Register here.

Limited replay available, but only if you register in advance.

(This is an easy energy practice. We won’t be on the floor and you won’t work up a sweat!)